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Force trailers attach

  • Is there a way to force all trucks (that spawn in traffic) to have a trailer attached to them ?

  • Probably has something to do with the popcycle.dat and the popgroups.ymt, but I don't know how to edit them. Maybe someone else?


    @JRod I'm wanting this too but have yet to find out how. I hate seeying the semi's semi-nude so to speak. But afaik there isn't a vehicles.meta flag to force it :(

  • @Fredinator81 Nope it's not there.

  • @ReNNie Yeah same here looks off having to see those trucks halfassed,i mean was it that hard R* ?


    @JRod I even tried to combine the numbers of possible trailers in the first section to be the same as the maxNumvalue and frequency number for the vehicle hauling the trailer. So eg set it so it spawns a maximum of 10 Phantoms where there is set the Phantom can choose between 10 different trailers models to pick from...

    I thought this might be logical. R* didn't :)

  • @ReNNie Spoke to Eddlm and there might be a chance he'll do something about it.
    He also mentioned "It probably can be done more easily via popcycle.meta edits though" any ideas ?
    Actually I've made one golden popgroups traffic using vanilla edit addon vehicles and new one's 90% of them are sedans and suv's with many tucks on the highway,every single vehicle is different from the other,all i need now is to have all the trucks attached and I'm set.
    Rockstar is so lazy they cant even bother to update the traffic.

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