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A Funny Problem;-)

  • I m having a problem while loading the game, which tells me “Unrecoverable Fault - Please Restart Game” and after I click Ok, it says something about “yatch deluxe. asi” is wrong but the funny thing is I can still play the game, and every thing is working fine except the “yatch deluxe” and after I removed the “yatch deluxe” and trying to enter the game it still shows “Unrecoverable Fault - Please Restart game” while loading the game, but I can’t play the game this time...
    Please...some one help me:-(

  • @BADMTFK Mods, addon vehicles, legal copy, all hooks updated, logs? My crystal ball is broken.

  • @BADMTFK reinstall all script mods .net and asi including scripthook v and scirpthook v.net then reboot for good measure and try again

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