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[SCRIPT] [WIP] 3dMarkers

  • Hi, this is my first mod and I'm looking for some feedback and maybe a couple folks willing to test it out. Here are a couple examples

    The first video shows placing a bunch of markers, the second video (skip to 0:13) shows what the markers look like when you're close by (look above the police officers head for the marker)

    The source is located here https://github.com/thestarksolutions/3dmarkers

    The mod renders the names of map blips in the game world. You can select what map markers you want to enable/disable in real time.

    Based on the distance of the player the markers in the world will grow/shrink in size and height.

    I'm using scaleforms to render the blip names, so there are a limited number of markers you can show at one time (15). Blips with duplicates (like clothes, ammuniation, etc..) will only show the blip nearest to the player.

    The installation instructions are listed in the GitHub page, but it's pretty standard (install scripthook, scripthook.net, nativeui, then copy the dll and ini files to the scripts folder).

    Anyone interested in testing :) ?

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