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one mod not loading

  • Good day all, I realize this mod has been around awhile, but I just found Psychorealm's Resident evil series S.T.A.R.S., Raccoon pd and USS uniform pack. I loaded it and the USS/SWAT and S.T.A.R.S./Sheriff load fine however when I load LSPDFR the RPD/cop mod doesn't load I place it in the correct location on OpenIV and check by clicking the rendering and it displays correctly but when I load RPH LSPDFR its still the LSPD uniform...any suggestions

  • @Jake-Slayer
    My guess would be that there is also another texture location for that model in the game somewhere.

    Try installing the 's_m_y_cop_01.ytd' here:


    Hint: You can search for files by name in OpenIV by using Ctrl+F3 ('Tools' Tab> 'Search' works also) so if above doesn't work do a Ctrl+F3 search for 's_m_y_cop_01.ytd' & replace the file you find in the highest numbered patchday*ng folder structure. :thumbsup:

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