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Failed zlib call error

  • @libertz
    even if it's look the same you can't be really sure if it's minor edits and the filesize keep it the same.
    To be sure replace paths.rpf with vanilla one.
    I was thinking you solved your problem that why, if it's a car it's not that hard to find what car is broken (Lods, polys,file size, comments, description on the modpage...), or EASIER replace x64e with vanilla one, you can still reinstall your modded cars one by one , see which one was causing game to crash.
    Back up your old modded x64e so you can still access things.

  • @cgz easier is to replace one car by one again? Are you joking? I have so many things replaced in that file. Vanilla is not even 2 GB and my rpf is more than 4 GB... and for a long time. I just noticed that x64e.rpf I backed up from july 2017 is exactly the same size as my current one which is weird. I didnt change much since then but, I know I replaced landstalker for sure since then, it didnt cause any problems.

  • @cgz wtf always when I try to open for example emperor3.yft in modded folder open iv crashes. When I try to open it in vanilla it shows the model normally... what gives here. Open iv never used to crash like this for me.

  • @libertz No im not joking I m not a magician, I don't know what models you are using and It's usual to have troubles with modded cars since 90% are not optimized... Remember GTA wasn't made for modding , you have to be careful of what you using.
    I know it take time, you can be sure everyone who use mods have to deal with this kind of problems one day.
    And come on, It's just x64e it's not the whole game.
    Or don't use real cars and use lore friendly ones , there's a lot of things available(ivpack wve rde wov) and it's well optimized, like it was Rockstar.
    Also 4gb a rpf file is really not a good idea.

  • @cgz lore friendly ones? I just tried that file from july 2017 and game loaded, but crashed after 10 seconds but not with zlib message, it was clr.dll, I loaded different savegame and everything went ok, played for more than 5 minutes.

  • @libertz Lore friendly means it follow the background universe of the game.
    Okay ,nice it's working :D

  • @cgz yeah looks like its working normally, I just played for maybe an hour and not a single problem. Hopefully nothing mysterious will come again soon. Thanks for your help.

  • @cgz you know I just tried new game but had to disable mods folder for a start. I thought there was just some problem with loading before, but now I found out that any mission just wont start with mods folder enabled (I noticed this problem started after last update in december 2017, before that I could replay missions certainly). Have you ever had such problem? Also I cant get access to the internet for a long time but I dont give a damn about that.

  • @cgz do you think it has something to do with gameconfig?

  • @libertz Maybe yes or maybe you running mpmap enabled or maybe some mods make the story incompatible

  • @cgz yeah it was by gameconfig, I used the one for limitless addon vehicles or something and runs like a charm, even the internet works.

  • @cgz what mods you have if I can ask? Do you have experience with random crashes with this clr.dll bullshit? Apart from other thing Im having this since I got mods, sometime no crashes at all sometimes they do appear..

  • @libertz Yes for sure, I use lots of mods ^^ visualv, naturalvision, rde with wov(v2) ivpack, vwe+liveries, la roads, la billboards, and a lot of things(weapons,skin,scripts) that enhance gameplay but sometimes I start a new mod folder, a new script folder and try other things , there are a lot of things to try but it will take more than a life lol.
    Never experienced clr.dll I dont think, try googling it , maybe you miss a requirement for a script (vcredist,net framework... Idk)

  • @cgz I installed latest Net framework in january, now I updated windows. But I found out I didnt have 2017 C++ so I installed it. Take a look at what I got there a whole bunch of them. Do you think I should remove the previous ones? https://imgur.com/a/cqLFr

  • @libertz I really don't know about theses stuff,I guess it should be libraries that some scripts needs to properly work.

  • @cgz Ok. how many vehicles you got replaced?

  • @libertz I didn't replaced vehicles on my actual game , only lore friendly add-ons car or vanillas one improved but with all mods I added , it's enough lol (+400 600 cars I don't even know I have to check in trainerV :O) At least I m sure to don't screw up my game with bullshit models. But sometimes I like to add real cars to try them, race cars , luxury cars or police car pack with els , just a few , but it's always the same. I try to choose cars that I know the game and my PC can handle .

  • @cgz hah now I know why you dont have any random crashes. I wouldnt be playing that game without real vehicles, its my tradition. I used to have them replaced also in GTA 4 and SA. Depends on opinion. Yesterday I played two times for more like an hour story line and didnt crash at all, but I think its just coincidence, even though I installed that c++ 2017. But like you said its probably only for scripts.

  • @libertz I understand I did it too , but you ll see one day you will get tired of crashing lol
    GTA IV was worse with modded cars^^

  • @cgz Yes it was. And no I wont see that because Im gonna rather stop playing it than play it with default...

  • @libertz I see lol

  • howd u fix it???????????????????????? plz help i have the same exact problem


    @ZiyadAhmed23 this topic is a year old..

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