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2018 Dodge Durango and 2018 Lincoln Navigator

  • So we have 1 2015 Durango but it’s beta and bugs so we need 2018 Durango with tuning parts as a replacement for the Gresley so the srt bumper would be considered a tuning part and we need a 2018 Lincoln Navigator as a replacement for he land stalker all of the suvs need all game features including dials

  • 0_1519716743219_20180227085729_1.jpg 0_1519716762132_20180227085736_1.jpg 0_1519716783630_20180227085808_1.jpg 0_1519716952439_20180227085802_1.jpg 0_1519716964296_20180227085752_1.jpg

  • @Aaaqil nice emissives around the cup holder

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