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  • Oko so one day out of the blue, my GTA V would not start. I checked over ever MOD installed in the PLUGINS FOLDER by removing all and adding back in one by one with the same crash. The I went to my mods folder and started all over there with a fresh MOD FOLDER. I again added everything back in one by one with the same results, but I always started with VISUALV. So I did a fresh MOD FOLDER minus VISUALV and low and behold the game worked. I added everything I had in the MOD FOLDER, except VISUALV and RADIANCE and the game has had no issues since. But on the flipside, I have no brights to ELS lights which sucks. Any ideas why VISUALV or RADIANCE is causing this issue. Everything is up to date, RAGEPLUGIN, etc... I'm at a lost.


    if you want bright els lights just turn up your postfx etc

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