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Any mods here for police lighting bloom? ELS

  • Hey guys,

    I came back to playing gta v after a while, it turns out Rockstar updated the game and took bloom out. I only play LSPDFR with ELS but the problem I have is police lights look fake from a distance. From close, they look beautiful and realistic but from far, they look dull and unrealistic
    Wonder if there are any mods for it on this website? If not, is it possible to create one? I'm willing to pay someone if they can do it for me.

  • make the lights glowing like this from distance

  • @Elispd Did you try to increase values in ELS.ini ?
    things like
    "LodCoronaInitDistance" "ElsMaxRangePl"
    You have all far distance enabled in game settings ?
    Are you using a mod to make lights brighter ?
    if not I suggest you this (tweak to whatever value you want) in visualsettings.dat , I use:
    "car.defaultlight.day.emissive.on 1500
    car.defaultlight.night.emissive.on 1000"

  • @cgz no, my problem is lights look dull from a far distance, pretty much everyone has this problem. It's not fixable in visualsettings.dat or els.ini.... it's within the game

  • @Elispd I can't play with advanced distance scaling to max so I didn't know

  • My lights are doing the same..no good from a distance...any fix?

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