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[Script][WIP] Psychokinetic

  • Link to the mod Psychokinetic. I want to build a detailed Psychokinesis/Telekinesis mod. This is a work in progress(WIP) and has some bugs. I am creating this thread so that I could better know the collective problems/bugs that users have. Also for users to add suggestions for power.


    • PowerWheel
      alt text
    • Fireball
      alt text
    • BlackHole
      alt text
    • AtomicBlast
      alt text
    • Electric
      alt text

  • any electricity powers? like electric blasts/stuns?


    Whoa that power wheel looks insane!

  • @ismailmoustafa0802 There is an electric power, I tried to make it look like the star wars effect, but I couldn't find any effect that looked like lightning so I used a drawing method that just draws lines (really not impressive), I will update sometime later with images. Maybe in the future I will make an electric ball power.

  • @stillhere thanks, i had many iterations of the design. This was the final form I decided to make, glad you liked it.

  • Wow so many new powers! Is that the telekinetic gun bullet projection on the right corner of the wheel?

  • @DesolateDarkness650 no, I will add that in the future. This power removes all the weapons from the enemies and points it at them, I just didn't know what to draw for that. Some of these I couldn't even think about how to display or draw it, like freezeall. I made it a time sign but it really doesn't control time.

  • @nm710 the thor mod has awesome lightning effects maybe you can ask the author how he made it?

  • @ismailmoustafa0802 I put up an image of how the electric effect. The author of the Thor mod is stillhere, and thanks to him I know the specific electric effect that he used on hammer. But I would need to copy his code to make the electric trail that he made, because there is no single effect for it; you could see that it is one effect looped in such a way to give it a nice path. However, I did recently see julionibs new dragon ball z mod had an effect that looks like lightning so there is hope, but I would need to find it on my own because he is no longer an easy person to get into contact with.

  • @nm710 Okay great! If you find the right effect, a lightning zap where you hold a key for a while and it keeps stunning the entity, like the lightning zap from the thor mod

  • @nm710 hey bro hope you've been well! Don't mean to be a pest and I'm certainly not trying to rush you, just wondering if we're making any progress towards a release cause I love your mod and use it literally everytime I play gta and those pics have me sooooooooo hype! Once again, don't mean to bother you , Idk if you are really busy or not, just wondering. In any case, thank you for the awesomeness you've already given us!

  • @vingtsun86 It's updated. Let me know if it works for you.

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