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Greyhound bus line/city transit travel mod

  • I would like to see a bus transit type mod where you can travel by bus to what ever you want to go like lets say you want to take the bus around the city to a destination of your choosing or if you want to travel by bus to a cross country lets say from the city to like sandy shores or palito bay or what ever you want to go it would be kinda like this mod even though this mod is dead


    only with buses it be cool to see a mod like this to come out.

  • any takers?

  • Sounds like a cool idea, I'll put it on my todo list (which does not necessarily mean it will be made).
    BTW you don't need to bump the thread when it's only been up 2 days. People will still see the thread; the thread would still be on the first page of Requests.

  • @Jitnaught ahh ok cool lol and I'm looking forward to seeing this come to life

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