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Vehicle Mod Help

  • So I have no clue I this is possible but I got bored last night and started trolling around through the files trying tog et my idea to work. I want to change the default turret on the APC from the cannon to the sam rocket, so far I have been able to change the fire type to anything I want but not the roof mount its self.

    The reason for this is because I was dicking around with a gang mod and it allows you to save vehicles as gang vehicles, unfortunately, it does not allow you to save anything besides the hash value for the vehicle, so I figured it would be fun if I just changed the default weapon for the vehicle in question.

    anyway any help would be great or even a "you can't do that"

    side note I may be able to change the configuration of the summoned vehicles in the gang data xml, but I am not farmilar enough with the methods i would need to call in gta ... maybe soemthing like...

    "not correct" <roofMount>Sam_Sight</roofMount>

    in the case where that would work I just need to know what method would be for the thing I called roofMount and what the tag for the sam rockets would be lol.

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