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mod that you change MP female's walk animation and add voice in trainer menu

  • hi there could a modder create a nice mod for me, basically i would like a mod that you change the MP female that you can spawn in the trainer of anyone's choice so for e.g if you want her to walk like Tracey, or any pedestrian model. also could you allow the ability to add voice pack's such as Tracey or a female ped.
    thanks :)

  • @Cyron43 thank you, how can i change the simple trainer back to the commands it originally was, as @DarthPungz said the latest update has changed the commands to the numpad but how can you use the numpad as mine doesn't seem to work when i use the numpad
    thanks :)

  • @OneLegendaryGamer The commands? Do you mean the keybinds? The keybinds for using the menu have always been the numpad keys. If your numpad isn't working make sure the num lock is on.

  • @Jitnaught yeah that's what i should have said i'll try and see if it works. could you delete some comments that i have posted plz as Single Player Apartment, Community Script Hook V and ATM Robberies has some non-mod related comments could you clean it up plz? i will definitely try what you suggested and i'll reply back later on today on the post and update you if it has worked or not :)

  • @OneLegendaryGamer Menyoo is actually more flexible in the case of character customization. This let's you change movement styles, too.

    I actually recommend it over Simple Trainer since Simple Trainer simply isn't good enough, and unlike Menyoo, most trainers like Simple Trainer eventually cause your game to crash due to taxing the spawning of objects and vehicles. (actually I think it's vehicles that get taxed the most over everything else in the game.) You can't spawn too many vehicles with other trainers, but Menyoo gets away with everything. (except online modding.)

    Not saying Simple Trainer is bad but if you want more shit to do and tinker with, Menyoo is the only way to go at this point.

  • thanks would you recommend ENT as that is the one i use :)

  • @OneLegendaryGamer I wouldn't know as I've never used that trainer.

    Simple Trainer is an alright thing to use alongside Menyoo, it's basic if you like basic. Works fine like Menyoo but doesn't offer many features compared to Menyoo.

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