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Vehicle mod request....

  • Hello GTA community. I would gladly pay someone to create a 1990 Ford Probe GT Turbo to download. I have owned 7 Probe GT's in my lifetime, and I absolutely love them. Please reach out to me and let me know how much money you would want to create the car for me and the community.

    Thanks in advance!

  • hey mate. How you doing. I just came across this. I was wondering if you are still needing this vehicle, if so please reach out to me via this site or a full messsage and description (including photos if possible) just so i dont waste your time making the wrong model. As a part of the Oklastralia modding group we will give you a quote ASAP if you would like to just give a price suggestion just so we dont feel we will make you go broke, lol
    Head designer of Oklastralia modding

  • I got some request for cash for ya fr hmu on a personal level tho Facebook Instagram or something Tyler Hon on Facebook or thghgf808ns on instagram

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