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Convert Car Problem help

  • hi , please help me , hubs and door doesn't work, door working as suspension , hubs as wheels, hierarchy is normalalt textalt text
    alt text

  • @XKEN Hi. I can help. I'm assuming you're using Zmodeler 3?

    If so, reset the axes of the doors and hubs to world (make sure in options orientation is selected and object is not selected).

    Then center the axes to object on the doors, then use the move tool with affect axes only option selected and move the axis of each door to the door hinges.

    Next you need to drag every hub object under It's relative wheel dummy in the hierarhy (For example hub_lf should be a child of wheel_lf and so on) When that is done, reset the axes to parent while clicking each hub (the axes should now be set to the centre of the wheel, this will make the front hubs will turn with the wheels in game). Lastly you have to then unlink the hubs from the wheel dummies in the hierarchy and that should fix these issues. Good luck :)

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