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Edit Chernobog 'vehicles.meta' File For Towing in SP

  • Hi all,

    I'm new to the modding scene in terms of file editing - if it doesn't work when I follow a ReadMe it gets scrapped off, simple. So there may be a very simple solution to this I'm just not getting.

    I am attempting to modify the 'vehicles.meta' file for the Chernobog so that I can tow the AA Trailer with it.


    This is what I add in above the <trailers /> code which is already part of the vanilla file. I then edit this line to move the slash appropriately;


    I have been performing these changes using the latest version of OpenIV: 2.9.2

    Game Version: 1.0.01290.1

    I'm up-to-date with ScriptHookV etc.

    Currently also have the latest version of Menyoo installed with no issues there. No other vehicles mods a present besides allowing the DLC vehicles in SP.

    I simply cannot tow trailers with it, no matter which ones I put in the Items list for the Cherno. I have tried this with and without a mods folder to the same effect.

    Where am I going wrong here?

  • So if you use the correct model name (trailersmall2, not smalltrailer2), then it works. Might not quit my day job...

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