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[WIP][PLAYER] Player_flo, my custom player model.

  • Hello fellow modders!

    So here is my custom player model, not a perfect model like I've seen on this site, but I'm proud of it and I want to share it with the community. It need some more work, some texture are messed up like you can see on the neck, the face is not smooth and badly textured, and I can't get the eyes and mouth at right position. It have facials animation and it replace Trevor, because I like to insult peds lol.
    I've done it with 3ds Max, Gimp and openIV.

    Please tell me what you think of it, and if you want me to release it!

    Cheers! :)

    0_1518897780908_WHb0NFZ - Imgur.jpg
    0_1518897797635_PYcjXsk - Imgur.jpg
    0_1518897806203_FrKxHXO - Imgur.jpg
    0_1518897894139_roH3kIx - Imgur.jpg
    0_1518898195827_player_flo 3.png
    0_1518898207163_player_flo 4.png
    0_1518898320539_Player_flo 2.png
    0_1518898416907_player_flo 5.png

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