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Applying Motorcycle/ATV bailing characteristics to other vehicles

  • Anyone figure out how to do this yet? Which files dictate the handling style of the player's vehicle? handling.dat ? vehicles.meta ? vehicleloadouts.meta ? I would assume within handling.dat but before I begin testing with replacing entire vehicle entries with other entries I figured I'd ask if anyone has a clue where to start.

    I really want the golf carts and baggage handler vehicles (and some other misc. ones like the lawnmower etc.) to have the ability to throw the player/NPCs off when they smash into some shit like the motorcycles and quads do in the normal game. Hell, if it works out with those vehicles I wouldn't mind trying out applying the characteristics to a couple sedans to see if they'll bail the player out of a car crash like some shit you'd see in the Flatout series.

  • All you people ignored this mans genius and now he's gone and taken the brains with him!

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