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How to increase the number of clothes (FRANKLIN)

  • Hey guys, how are you? So for those who do not know I'm the creator of the '' MP Guy For Franklin '' mod. And I wanted to know, like I do to add more pieces of clothing, without having to replace them. Or as I do to increase the number of pieces of clothing that Franklin can wear.

    Anyway, thank you, who can help me.

  • @Aryel_2003 hey ive been looking for the same thing. It involves editing the ymt but i dont really understand how to edit it and couldnt find a tutorial that really explains it. But could you please let me know if you find out how to add more slots for franklins clothing, Thanks

  • Me too bro,i need add-on clothe,pls lemme know

  • You could use a different YMT like the one i have it has 50 slots for clothing for each thing like chest,hats,shoes,pants etc

  • Where is that YMT ?

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