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[SCRIPT] Phone Jacking + Purse Snatching + Pickpocketing + Mugging/Robbing

  • Just had the idea. was wondering if a talented script modder can bring it to life, I think the game needs some more petty crimes to commit. We can already car jack people and rob stores but we need something kinda like Assassin's Creed where you bump into someone (Press a certain key) but instead it could spawn the Phone or Purse/Wallet that the npc has into your hand and then it gives you a checkpoint and timer that you have to get to, then you can decide to keep or sell the items. If you fail to get to the checkpoint in time you can no longer sell the items, you then have to dispose in a safe location (marked areas on map). Or you can mug someone walking away from the ATM or Bank (within certain distance) and you keep the big payout $1-3k ATM $4-20K Bank. It would honestly make a good mod.

  • @westcoastsosa Bro that sounds like a damn good idea. You could have a fence to sell your items to or a drop box somewhere you can stash em until retrieving em later. I wonder if it's something @Eddlm would take up for you - he made this one https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/rob-people (not quite what you want but has similar mechanics and you can rob people at ATMs)

  • I actually really like that idea of bumping into someone to take his things, i'm gonna check if it already exists, if it doesn't i might start doing this when i have some time !

  • @iLLo Nice! Hope to see it sometime @krissboo Damn, that's exactly what I was thinking about, i even was hoping to get the hands up animation included. It's like half way there xD

  • @westcoastsosa I'm gonna try it out now my game has updated :(

  • thanks for letting me know, i managed to launch gta in offline mod thanks to you !

  • imy

  • I have finished a simple version of this idea, it was pretty fun to code ! had a bit of a hard time figuring entities touching together, but in the end, it was worthwhile

    I'm going to post this mod even though it isn't finished, because it seems like the kind of mod that would benefit from users feedback.

    At the moment, you can't steal every ped's phone, but you can steal the ones that are standing still while using their phone. I made it so you can also steal their cigarettes (pack), those are the only one that work at the moment. Of course, you can steal every ped's money, but that goes without saying...

    This mod would really benefit from optimization, as determining when to check for peds around the player turned out to be a tricky feature.

  • @westcoastsosa Check the comment above this one bro. @iLLo Nice one :) Once I get my game up n running I'll defo be trying this out.

  • @iLLo F*cking A! Good job man, that was fast. Excited to try it

  • don't be too excited about it, it is still a really simple version, but yeah, it is kind of fun !

    I'm fixing a few things i've noticed from the moment i posted this update and now, and i'll post the first version.

    Again, it is still an early version ! (if it even gets approuved)

  • @iLLo Don't forget to tag us in your comments cause we don't always see em otherwise ;)

  • @krissboo @westcoastsosa yep, sorry i'm not used to the website yet !

  • @iLLo It's cool bro. Just letting you know so we don't miss your comments. Appreciate you working on this so quickly :)

  • @westcoastsosa How would you like to call the mod, since you are the one who came up with the idea ? @krissboo You're welcome to give your opinion on that too !

  • @iLLo hmm im not sure, maybe just pickpocket script? ]

  • @westcoastsosa why not, i thought of Pickpocket's Life, but... it's getting kind of old :p

    Let's go with pickpocket script why not

  • @iLLo What ever you want man, you go ahead and name it :)

  • @westcoastsosa @krissboo anyway, it's been uploaded, awaiting admin confirmation ^^ i'm a bit tired so maybe i forgot something, i will check it later when i get some rest.

  • @iLLo Approved. You and Hunk have been going crazy with all of these new script mods, great job :)

  • @iLLo This is gonna be a great mod. If you could figure a way to spawn the phone or pack of cigs into the hand when you get the alert that you took it, that would make it complete for me. Thanks again


    @westcoastsosa @krissboo some good ideas

  • @Jitnaught Thanks :p truth be told, i just got out of a 3 years project that started to make me go crazy, so it's nice to finaly code something you actually enjoy for once, it's like a good book, you can't stop until you get to the last page !

    @westcoastsosa Yes, there are several aspects of the mod i intend to enhance : visual, gameplay (stats) and missions. It's actually very possible, thanks to hunk i have an idea on how to attach objects, and i'll be looking into that as soon as i get a night sleep !

    @Biggdogg good ideas indeed !

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