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Smugglers Run helmet textures

  • Afternoon all,
    I was wondering if anyone here knows where the textures for the MP Smugglers Run Dual and Quad Lens Helmets are?
    More specifically, the camo patterns for the helmets.
    I've found the location of the helmets themselves:
    (^ MP Male Dual Lens Helmet)

    However, the accompanying texture file, only has the texturing for the lenses, not any of the actual helmet texturing, (same goes for all the other helmet variants, and the female MP counterparts). Even looking at the model file, it will only show the lenses, not the helmet, though when you turn on the 'edged faces' setting, it's clear to see this is the correct model. As seen below:
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    With that said, I must assume that the texturing for the helmets is being stored elsewhere. So does anyone know where the texture files for the helmet itself are?
    Thanks in advance, Jay

  • Just export the texture in jpg, so you will not have a background ;D Could you make texture for a delta force? pls for MP of course

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