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What to do when someone steal my mods and then they rework and reupload

  • ive seen someone doing this lately.

  • @DanialADH Hit them with a baseball bat . That's what CJ would have done.
    But don't be too offensive it's again't community guidelines.

    try to contact the author , ask him to delete the file on internet if you want it deleted otherwise
    report file and bring proof to admin i guess that will be enough to get the mod removed here

  • If it's uploaded on GTA5-Mods then report the mod explaing that it's stolen and showing proof (links, pictures, etc).

    If it's uploaded on another site then you'll just have to look around. You can report mods on some sites like GTAInside, others you may have to look for a "Contact Admin" link of some sort, and others may have no way to report (they may be specifically made for stealing mods).

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