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[RELEASED] Drag Racing Pack

  • @krissboo Okay dude and to be honest i'm exactly the same.. the amount of times i've reinstalled...

    anyways, uploading nowish..

  • @JDeez_Nutz I've lost count of the amount of times I've upgraded, downgraded, uninstalled, reinstalled and put all my mods back in. GTA V is one hell of a bitch when it comes to mods ;)

    Nice I'm gonna get that pack installed asap. EDIT I see you included a template so I'll try and get some skins done later on.

    Just realised you changed your name as well lol.

  • @krissboo Haha oh man, can you imagine if we had to do this with teh internet 10 years ago? I think i probs would of uninstalled to be fair :laughing:

    Nice! let me know what you think!
    Ha yeah, thought it's best to use my gamer name :)

  • @JDeez_Nutz xd xd especially with those slow internet speeds we used to get. Imagine having to re-download 70gb on a 1mb connection ;) Or even worse on dial-up lol

    I've got em installed - just sorting my dlclist out and Imma gonna see just how fast your top fuel car is ;)

  • @JDeez_Nutz Damn, every time I spawn one of your vehicles my game instantly crashes :( I removed a load of mods, but it hasn't helped. Any ideas bro?

    just noticed there's a handling.meta and a handling - original.meta in your files. That wouldn't cause a crash would it?

  • @krissboo Sorry dude only just seen this!

    Is there any vehicle in particular or is it all?
    Ah, i forgot to delete the handling-original.meta, that's just oldddd settings like a backup - shouldn't make a difference as the file is renamed and wont be read but hmm, i'm curious - do you have any graphic mods installed? also which gameconfig do you use?

    A guy commented having the same issue, resolved it by lowering settings a bit?

    The car's aren't stupid with poly count but they do have a fair few, where about do you try and spawn on the map?

    Edit: Also, try spawning with Menyoo if you have installed!

  • @JDeez_Nutz It's cool, I can't sort it right now so I'll have a look tomorrow, but my game is fine with 20 add-ons and some clothing mods.
    I'm using dilapidated's gameconfig, and yeah i use NVR and VisualV (with reshade and enb - which might be part of my problem - reshade can be a killer) but it did it with the promod and the topfuel cars when I tried to spawn them. I think I was not far from Franks house at the edge of the city. not installed menyoo yet but will try that too.
    I'll let you know tomorrow how I get on...thanks for the help :)

  • Apparently removing the handling - original.meta might fix your issue :S (worked for someone in the comments section)

    I'd put money on the reshade and end personally, being quite demanding itself, trying to load high poly models on top might be a bit much!
    Hope you can get it running anyways man, get back to me with results!

  • @JDeez_Nutz I'll try removing the handling first, then try it without reshade if it still crashes. I'm sure it's that and the fact my graphics card is only 2gb lol - Definitely time to upgrade now that prices seem to have started coming down again.

  • @krissboo Yeah, that's my bet! This is true, I couldn't believe the prices of the 1080's recently!I hope you manage to get this working man, by all means don't feel the need to uninstall everything for this mod!

  • @JDeez_Nutz Bloody bitcoin miners!!

    It's cool, I don't mind removing a few or all my cars to test your drag cars out - not like I haven't done it a million times before ;)

  • models plz

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