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Error: Couldn't find the model

  • Greetings ladies and gentlemen!
    I was so desperate that I had to make a new topic in order to seek for help.

    Currently running:
    GTA V version (on Steam) - 1.0.1290.2
    OpenIV version - 2.9.2
    ScriptHook version - v1.0.1290.1
    Community Script Hook V .NET version - 2.10.5
    Enhanced Native Trainer version - "update 36 QoL update 2" (Enhanced Native Trainer Update 36 - QoL update 2)
    Gameconfig.xml in use - Gameconfig (1.0.1290.2) for Limitless Add-On Vehicles v11.0

    Honestly, never had this problem before, it's sort of a first encounter and I can't seem to find a solution throughout these miserable days of surfing the web. After my usual routine of editing my dlclist.xml and extratitleupdata.meta I proceeded to check my new sweet rides (installed ADD-ONs) in game. Then this happened: "error: couldn't find the model XXX"

    Log files:
    asiloader.log -
    ScriptHookV.log - https://pastebin.com/C32ig3AT
    ScriptHookVDotNet2.log - https://pastebin.com/McLiZhiF

    Tried reinstalling all proper tools such as ScriptHookVDotNet2, Enhanced Native Trainer, ScriptHookV, OpenIV after trying to use different gameconfig.xml like: [ Gameconfig 350+ Addon's ],[ Gameconfig for Patch 1.0.1180.2 ],[ Gameconfig.xml 3.0 ], unfortunately - unsuccessful attempts. My main gameconfig.xml file is listed above in the topic, trustworthy, never had issues with it, I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with it. Already tried to reduce size of my dlcpacks folder. Here's my current dlclist.xml and my extratitleupdata.meta, not a single vehicle from the list is being spawned. That's my reduced version of ADD-ON car collection, previously had around 148-150 add-on vehicles and the game ran smoothly, no errors, no bugs whatsoever. Now I am stuck with this. Do not know what to do. Any suggestions? HELP PLEASE!


  • I am having the same problem. I recently reinstalled the game and redownloaded/installed two of my addon cars (only ones currently installed too) and it cant find model. These models also used to work previously with no problem last time the game was installed.

  • @ushercooloff
    Remove all but one of your modded add-ons (choose a car that is failing to spawn at the moment, so you can test if it does now) from 'dlclist.xml' (make a backup of dlclist.xml first if you like).
    Load game, see if car spawns.
    If it does then you know that it is installed correctly & you are most likely looking at having hit the dlc limit :/
    Start adding back other add-ons in groups of 5 or something (or add them all back & remove 5, however you want to do it. Prioritise etc. Whatever suits you)
    Each time you add/take 5 new lines to dlclist.xml, load the game & check to see if cars spawn

    From what I remember, I think it is important to test that a wide group of cars all spawn correctly as I seem to remember that when I added/removed lines from the dlclist.xml it caused different cars to fail to spawn (it's not always the same car as I recall so test a few).

    Say the game has a limit of 50 add-ons & Rockstar use 2 updating the game without increasing the hardcoded limit etc then you will have 2 add-ons less to be able to use. If you are at the hardcoded limit already when you update your game you need to remove 2 add-ons for it to work correctly again. Sorry, new patch is a bit of a ********** that way from what I have heard :/

    You can always combine add-ons & remove the limit so not all is lost :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thanks, I'll try. Will keep you updated for progress.

  • @a63nt-5m1th However I do not understand why did I have over a hundred add-on cars like a glimpse ago and all of a sudden, I have none spawning. That does not make sense to me :thinking:

  • @a63nt-5m1th It worked just the way you said it will. One car left in dlclist.xml got spawned which brings me to the next step, but I am really curious about dlc/add-on combining because I have absolutely no clue. Can you explain how it works or give me a link with a tutorial? I really get that a lot of people suggesting dlc/add-on combining but never knew how to use it myself. I am not really advanced at mods as I think I am :smiley:

  • @ushercooloff
    Think about it like this. You go over the dlc limit & that breaks something that causes the game to act funny & not be able to read most of your add-ons. Your add-ons are still there & still installed correctly it's just the game can't see them as there are too many for it to handle.
    It's not that you can only have so many cars & if you go over that limit you don't get the extra cars it's that if you go over that limit it breaks the game & anything can happen :thumbsup:

    This looks like a good tutorial. The basic principle of creating an add-on pack is to take the data from inside multiple files & combine the data into just one file of that type. Knowing the basic formatting/syntax of the files ('handling.meta', vehicles.meta', 'carcols.meta', 'carvariations.meta' etc) will help you from making a mistake here. If you are comfy working with replace cars you have probably done enough data shifting (correctly copying & pasting blocks of data from one file to another) to have enough skill to master it. The main issues will be the tedious repetitiveness of it & the risk of making a silly mistake.
    I would start by taking a working add-on mod with multiple vehicles (that have working upgrades so the folder ('vehiclemods' usually), archive structure ('vehicles.rpf' usually) & 'content.xml' entries (see below for more on 'content.xml') are there for upgrades to be used so you don't have to create them yourself), use it as the base for your add-on pack & work from there. The more complex & multi-file containing an add-on you choose to base your add-on pack on the better, as it means that more of the structure work will have been done for you & all you will be doing is adding files or adding data into pre-existing files.
    Note: Leave the add-on folder name & 'dlclist.xml' entry alone at the moment. They can be changed later, no need to risk breaking something before you start. :thumbsup:

    content.xml - This tells the game where things inside the add-on are. Pick one & have a look inside it. They are pretty much all very similar. If you start with an already working multi-car add-on there's no real need to edit 'content.xml'. Just put the cars & the files you add into the pre-existing files/folder/archives (ie cars go where the original cars are (usually 'vehicles.rpf'), file data goes INSIDE the correct files (handling data into the pre-existing 'handling.meta' file, vehicle data to 'vehicles.meta' etc)).

    Use Notepad++ as your editor of choice. It has a lot of useful features (red verticle line showing where a block of data starts & ends. Click on any '<Item type=' or '</Item>' in any 'handling.meta' & you will see what I mean) & plugins (XMLTools plugin to check syntax etc)

    It really is that easy, all you have to do is combine the data of multiple separate add-on files into one add-on & it's singular files. Watch for silly mistakes & prepare for it to be boring but also very satisfying when you are complete. :thumbsup:

    Tip: Start by turning a single car add-on into a correctly working 2 car add-on pack :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Wow! You're amazing! Left me with no questions, have to give you a huge credit for your time helping a dummy :smile: Thank you very much! I will proceed further with the detailed instructions, this opens up a new page for me in installing mods, because I never really had to work with replaced cars versions, since they once screwed up my game big time. Thank you very much once again!

  • Cool, no probs :thumbsup: Best of luck.

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