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Can't install any mod.

  • Hi.
    I have problem with instaling mods like Trainer(ScriptHookV) and Replacing cars. I did what "Read me" says (Trainer) and still it doesnt work, i also tried different Trainer but it doesnt work neither. And i have problems with replacing cars. In OpenIV for example adder shows modded model( in i64e and other folders where adder's model is). Everything is changed but when im starting game cars are basic ( classic models) and Trainer doesnt work. Thanks for any help.

  • @Ikspi
    Replace Vehicles -

    In OpenIV, Ctrl+F3 & search for 'adder.yft'.


    I think it will be that^ adder you need to replace to get the replacement to spawn in game. You basically always choose to replace the file in the highest patchday??ng folder structure (if it exists) so if there is an adder.yft/.ytd in a higher patchday??ng (patchday11/12/13ng etc) folder then replace the file there instead.

    Trainer -

    Try ENT
    Install instructions:
    • Make sure your copy of GTA is fully up to date(!)
    • Download the scripthook from: http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/ (make sure to use the 'Download' link. Do NOT download from the 'Download SDK' link. That is for Developers)
    • Open the zip file, and inside the "bin" folder is the scripthook files you need.
    • Copy or move the 2 .dll files (ScripthookV.dll and dinput8.dll) to the ROOT of your GTA game folder (where 'GTA5.exe' is located)
    • Copy BOTH the "ent-config.xml" and "Enhanced Native Trainer.asi" to the ROOT of your GTA game also.
    • Press F4, or RB + Y in-game (default bind. Can change in the config) to open in game.

  • I already changed adder's filles in both folders and it still doesnt work. Also i did what u wrote about Trainer and its not workiem.

  • @Ikspi Logs please.

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