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Zmodeler help

  • In zmodeler when I try to export my new update of my chevy express, it comes up with an error "Missing shader configuration for adaptation "vehicle_interior". Model can't be exported. file:RageExportMaterial.cpp line:134" Also included a screenshot. I have all textures loaded in the textures browser. PLS HELP AS I AM AWAY THE NEXT WEEK AND I WONT BE ABLE TO UPDATE MY MOD!alt text

  • pls someone reply it only takes like 2 min

  • Just because you have the textures loaded in the textures browser it doesn't mean that they are actually applied to your vehicle. Go into material browser (next to texture browser) and as you apply them you should be able to see the color of your vehicle change.

  • @Bandeshi still same error pls help or maybe i didnt do it right pls explain what to do when you go into the materials browser!alt text

  • @Bandeshi now it says can not obtain shader material from default material. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Go into Material Browser
    2. Click the icon at the top right that looks like Pac Man eating gears
    3. Go to GTAV menu
    4. Use one of the Vehicle paint options for areas that you want to be able to be painted at LS Customs (vehicle_paint1 is primary color, vehicle_paint2 is secondary color, etc)
    5. For areas such as the interior, tires and the underside of the car which don't need to be painted use one of the Vehicle generic options. (Use vehicle_licenseplate for where the license plate should be, use vehicle_vehglass for the windows when from the outside, use vehicle_vehglass_inner for the windows when viewed from the inside in first person mode and so on
    6. Do this for ALL of the items you see in the Material Browser list and make sure they work
    7. Sometimes the items may be blank and not even have names. If you see one of these you will just have to guess what it is

  • @Bandeshi thanks SOOO much!!!!

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