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[Resolved]Addon vehicles high-beam headlight problem.

  • Hi does anyone know the cause of some of my addon vehicles having problematic high beam headlights?
    Not all addon vehicles have this problem but at least half of them do.
    I have attempted editing the <lightSettings value="0" /> of the affected vehicles but to no avail. I have tried them on settings 0,1,2 but all still have problem. This must be coming from the models themselves or a mod perhaps (though I have no installed any new mod since these vehicles, nor did I have any problem with any other vehicles before this) or maybe some other file I'm unaware about.
    Here is what I'm talking about:
    This is low beam:

    This is high beam:

    As you can see when I go to high beam the lights just illuminate the ground right in front of them instead of ahead. Almost like they're pointing straight down. This is only affecting about half of my addon vehicles. Any ideas?

  • Look at the light settings for the vehicles in mpchristmas2017. For the most part, the light setting is an ID value that recognizes the light color and intensity. For example, I like to use 126 because that is the light setting for the Comet SR. Your problem could also be because the mod developer misplaced the lights, but I don't know too much in that area.

  • I figured it out and I'm dumb. This may help someone else that has a brain fart.

    Within your visualsettings.dat file there is a line "car.headlights.aim.fullbeam.mod"
    Mine was set to 10. Change it to 1 and you should be good. I used the VSReloader mod to constantly change and update the settings without having to reload the game. Made it easy for me to figure out what was causing the problem cause I realised it wasn't only the addon cars but some default ones too. I have noticed though that most cars are made differently and the headlights react differently for every car. Kinda cool but also kinda annoying if you wanna try and make realistic headlights cause you can't as each car gives off headlights differently.

    If you want (to anyone that may see this) here is my headlight settings which to me are pretty realistic (or at least as close as I can get):

    car.headlights.angle -0.6
    car.headlights.split -0.1
    car.headlights.global.HeadlightIntensityMult 1.0
    car.headlights.global.HeadlightDistMult 1.8
    car.headlights.global.ConeInnerAngleMod 1.0
    car.headlights.global.ConeOuterAngleMod 0.99
    car.headlights.global.OnlyOneLightMod 0.8
    car.headlights.global.Fake2LightsAngleMod 0.95
    car.headlights.global.Fake2LightsDisplacementMod 0.17
    car.headlights.submarine.Fake2LightsAngleMod 0.830
    car.headlights.submarine.Fake2LightsDisplacementMod 0.0
    car.headlights.fullbeam.IntensityMult 1.0
    car.headlights.fullbeam.DistMult 0.8
    car.headlights.fullbeam.CoronaIntensityMult 1.5
    car.headlights.fullbeam.CoronaSizeMult 1.3
    car.headlights.aim.fullbeam.mod 1.1
    car.headlights.aim.dippedbeam.mod -0.3
    car.headlights.aim.fullbeam.angle 1.0
    car.headlights.aim.dipeedbeam.angle 0.0
    car.headlights.player.intensitymult 1.2
    car.headlights.player.distmult 1.4
    car.headlights.player.exponentmult 1.2

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