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Looking for more "real" traffic.

  • Hey there.

    I am lookinhg for a mod, that does not make much visual changes to current traffic, but rather makes cars spawn further away, and traffic on country roads feel more real.

    What does not feel real to me.

    -game spawns cars right next to me, i look left and right, no traffic. i pass the street, game has spawned a car tp run me over.

    • When overtaking cars, game always spawns oncoming traffic

    -Traffic AI seems to be made to be an obstacle rather than mimiking drivers driving real cars with real persons on board. They have litle regard to their lives. They can hardly brake when someone comes on their way.

    Game seems to be designed to cause crashes to clean/modded cars.

    I know its hard to make all these good. but what i am mostly looking, is something that stops the game spawning cars right next to me just to annoy me with crashes that should not occur :D

    Thanks :)

  • @Radagast-75 I rather you are low on free memory because what you describe is not the normal behavior of the game. Once you got that sorted out you can try this mod ->
    However, it does not solve your spawning issues but increases the variety of the vehicle models to be spawned, taking the different zones into account.

  • Thanks for suggestion, more variety is always good :)

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