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Car model duplicates when door comes off...

  • Anyone know what causes this if it's the model itself or something within a meta file or something?
    I messaged the person who originally uploaded this vehicle to the lcpdfr website but he said back that he has no idea what causes this.
    Anyone got ideas? Lol.

    alt text
    Full size here

    So basically if you can't see from image when a door or hood of the car flings off instead of a door panel you get the entire shell of the vehicle. Very strange.

    Thanks to anyone who can help/shed some light on it.

  • No-one got any ideas?
    I mean it's not life threatening to the game but annoying if I wreck and all this stuff comes off instead of a door.

  • Trash model. Well.. trash it. That should be caused by multiple dummies named chassis

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