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dinput dll8 ????

  • Okay guys, I have read a lot of problems about the dinput8 thing thinking someone might have found the problem. I have no mods installed in my game, I have updated both scripthook v and scripthook.net. I start the game as usual and after a few screen displays it freezes. when I remove the dinput 8 file the game loads all the way. I put in a trainer and dinput 8 and it freezes take out the dinput 8 and it loads but I can't use the trainer. so I reinstalled the whole game again and still freezes with dinput 8 with it it loads. can you please tell me what is going on in the logs it says it loads, but that's only when dinput 8 is not in. theres something wrong with the dinput 8 file. can you guys help me out?

  • @thief Sorry but this is bs. Dinput8.dll is nothing but a so called hook which allows scripthookv.dll to communicate with the code of the game. In layman's terms it's just a door to the game's code! The reason why your game runs without dinput8.dll is simply because you removed that door and some crap mod cannot enter the game anymore and crash it. Yes I know, you said you don't have any mod installed but are you just referring to script mods (.asi and .dll in the scripts folder) or does this also take vehicle mods, ped mods, weapon mods, retextures, clothes mods and maps into account?
    There are several pinned threads in this forum section and the "general modding" section. I highly recommend you read them because some clever people already found the answers for you there.

  • okay w/a Ive looked through at least 25 pages and didn't find anything related to my problem. In the troubling shooting area I found several topics that had the same problem but no one answered them.
    as I said in my post I have no mods installed what so ever. its a clean game. and I want to play it. I don't play online at all nome of my games and I have over 200 of them.

  • @thief Please post a picture of your GTA V directory, or just a list of files in it. If you have the asiloader.log, ScriptHookV.log, and/or ScriptHookVDotNet.log files please post the contents of those.

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