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Unable to tune addon cars

  • I have a problem tuning addon cars from "IV PACK". Nothing won't appear in game, i can only add turbo and change the car color, i tried looking for the mistake in carcols.meta but i didn't find the problem source. Also i've never worked with these type of mods. Thanks in advance 😄

  • @GAWRA You tried with a trainer ?

  • @cgz yes it just won't work, i used menyoo trainer which i'm already using for other addon mods i have and it works just fine. The author of iv pack told me that the problem is in carcols.meta but he haves no time to explain me everything ( just saying that i don't blame him ) since i'm new in this as i said. Still confused what to do

  • @cgz okay thanks, ill try that out, hopefully it will fix it :smiley:

  • @cgz it didn't helped me, i even tried making my own dlc, as the complete new one with one specific car only but it won't either spawn now, and yes i did all the stuff just like i did with my other addon car which worked flawlesly, added dlc to dlclist.xml and extraupdatetitles.xml. I give up on this car :confused:

  • @GAWRA There are tutorials on how to make your own dlc and most of time no need to edit "extraupdatetitles.xml" be sure to check if there isn't a mistake between model name in meta files and the model name itself

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