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[VEHICLE] Good-Quality Mapped Bus & Coach?

  • Hi, I'm planning on making lore-friendly bus and coach liveries for the vanilla Bus and Dashound, but I can't seem to find a good-quality bus with a template.

    While israelr and glenoconnell have made their own liveries with mapped windows, unfortunately, due to different reasons between each other, they have not included a template, and while Thero has made templates, I have been told that they may not have good LODs, if any LODs at all.

    So I ask you this - is there any possibility that a good-quality stock bus and coach can be made with a template? I've done quite a few liveries for the one in IV, even though that bus has been deleted, and I would like to start work on the GTA V bus liveries, but there are no good templates to go off of.

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