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Screen flashes black every so often

  • When i installed some addon vehicles to my MODDING dlcpack (it added about 50 new vehicles or so) my game has started to randomly flash black continuously for about a second or two and then be fine for about a minute or so. However if i remove these vehicles it doesn't do it.

    The same happens if i add addon weapons.

    This is the vehicle mod thats causing it - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/armored-vehicles-pack-add-on

    (I have a bunch of other vehicle mods that work perfectly)

    The game technically works fine other than that though.

    My gameconfig is updated and allows "infinite" vehicles

    I dont think any log files could help so i haven't added any here but if someone says otherwise ill upload them

    Any suggestions?

  • @Lozo222 Well first off, infinite vehicles is a lie! Of course there's a finite amount because each different model eats up memory. So what to think of a modder who promises the impossible? You could try this gameconfig or simply remove the crap.

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