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Game crashes

  • The games crashes once every 15-20 mins. It's something related to game memory I guess. I know, this is a really generic question, but if someone has clue of what could be the cause of that, I would appreciate. Thx.
    The mods I have installed recently are a ton of car replaces, the Trucking Job mod and the Simeon's job mod

  • @Manu_Rossini said in Game crashes:

    ton of car replaces

    Certainly that

  • @cgz umm, should i get rid of some of them? I'm currently replacing 33 models


    @Manu_Rossini said in Game crashes:

    I'm currently replacing 33 models

    there's your answer right there

    To quote a wise man

    now you're using a car that has no lods, and say 200k polies
    that's as if you had 40 vanilla cars all at once
    and then more spawn because a city isn't made out of 1 car
    so you get like... the equivalent of 400 cars

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