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Cars CANNOT move when ON GRASS/MUD

  • Hi everyone,

    For some of my replaced and add-on cars, they stop moving automatically when I drive on the grass, sandy area and muddy area. They can only reverse. But the reverse power is also very low. Ultimately, i only can reverse until I am on the road, then i can move the car forwards again.

    I had tried editing the traction on the handling.meta but nothing works.

    Pls help me. Thanks! Did anyone face the same problem?

  • This is very weird. Are you using an edited materials.dat?



    That was my first guess too.

    Try copying in the vanilla materials.dat from an unmodded update.rpf

    On Impactjunky's materials.dat I'm only using the edited hard surfaces section and not his dirt mod
    With that in, my car didn't move an inch shit on wet and dirt

  • @GTA123499 I had this once when I lowered the car too much. It simply hit the ground with it's undercarriage.

  • anyone find the fix yet? this happen to me sometimes... even on the vanilla version..

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