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Improving mod visibility in categories

  • One of the issues that has plagued 5Mods from the start is how some mods go unnoticed while others are constantly seen. I know the staff has tried to improve this by adding related mods to the sidebar but let's take it one step further.

    Without naming names, let's just say there are some authors that constantly update their mod every other day with minor changes. It's likely that some of them do this to push their mod all the way to the top of their mods specific category. In return they get more downloads due to their mod being visible all the time. They know this.

    For users, this can be annoying when looking for fresh mods. We can obviously sort by latest uploads but perhaps there is a better solution?

    My suggestion is make it so the first mod update in a 7-day period will bump the mod position to the top of the category (under Latest Versions) but any other updates within that 7-day period will not bump the mod position. This will then reset the following week.

    In return we will see freshly updated mods and freshly uploaded mods on the top of each category at the same time. It also gives more room for smaller mod authors to have their work noticed. People who constantly update their mod with minor changes will probably start to update less often, resulting in bigger / more useful updates once or twice per week (as opposed to everyday).

    Please note that while this is just a rough idea, it can definitely be molded into something better with more thought. I hope you guys consider using a similar idea to improve mod visibility in the near future.


    Well thought Razed. :)

    ✓ Watching this topic. ;)


    I personally agree that updated mods shouldn't bump them to the top of the category lists. I find this a bit odd behaviour compared to most other sites.

    Is this something people actually like, or something they'd rather see changed so it's newest mods first by default, with updated mods available from the drop-down if they wish to see that?

  • @Dark0ne A mix like Razed said would be best in my opinion. What if an author uploaded an update to an old mod? Nobody would know it was updated, unless they were following the mod. I did this recently with one of my mods from 2015.


    Hmmm. Think I understand why you bring forward this point.

    But eg on carface80's Diplomat I like the fact the update bumps to top. I don't want to keep following mods I've imported. So, the only way for me to know there's an improvement is when it's up top so I see it.

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