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skin control/glitches after installing new version & mods

  • I spent the weekend installing the latest version of the game, and many mods.
    I did not start the game at each installation to check , just two or three times.

    Last night, I wanted to spawn a model from Skin control.
    He appeared, but with many glitches (pink hair and others) I joined a capture :

    I also noticed an error in meny00Log 2 "

    [11:43:02] [Error] ConvertThreadToFiber error (1280 ERROR_ALREADY_FIBER)
    [11:43:02] Attempting GetCurrentFiber
    [11:43:02] Success!

    I installed menyoo again and simple 7.3 trainer, but the problem is still there.
    If anyone can help me to resolve it .Thanks

  • I can not even change my character properly.

    When I want to change hair color, code in skin control is like 15668415787412255687 ...

    Picture : [IMG]http://i67.tinypic.com/242x3xl.png[/IMG]

    I' don't wan't to spend hours to reinstall the whole thing. Please heeeeeeeeeeelp :disappointed_relieved:

  • I found the problem : LA vegetation 2.0 seems to be uncompatible
    whith the last version or with one of my mod...

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