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Every mod i have installed stopped working..?

  • So uhm literally all my mods stopped working. And it seems like that all patches got removed also?
    And when i check on openiv i still have all my mods and patches so does anyone have any idea how to fix this issue? Im pretty sure i didnt do anything to cause them to disappear like that.

    And YES i have all the required files like scripthook etc.. So if anyone can help me id greatly appreciate that <3.

  • I'm in a similar situation to you, Every mod I got (Skin replacements, Add-On Vehicles etc.) don't work. The only mods that do are my trainer mods and thats it. I got everything required.

  • mine too.... and i deleted my complete "Mods" folder 4 Time and made it new.... Yeah now i know that its not an problem with my Gta / Mods folder.... Min. 5 Hours wasted -.-

  • @RustinCehlps
    Yeah i had a lot of add-on cars and weapon skins etc and never had any issues with them but then randomly literally everything stopped working.

  • Yea i've got that issue aswell, and it's really annoying, anyone got anything, and a swear to god, if another person tells me to "try a new gameconfig.xml" because that is quite obviously not the problem.

  • Someone please help :(


    Why doesn't anybody ever say what exactly "stopped working"?

    • Scripts?
      • asi scripts?
      • scripthookvdotnet scripts?
      • ragepluginhook scripts?
    • Add-on content?
      • Did you verify your dlclist.xml?
      • Does OpenIV.log say anything useful?

    It's never random, you probably messed up a line in the dlclist.

  • @ikt Let's see if i can help here. Now my mods started working again today without me changing anything from yesterday, i went to start it up to get the logs to send here, but for some reason it worked. From what i have experienced, asi scripts work (a bit buggy but i feel as if that's my mistake), scripthookvdotnet scripts work, but anything in the update/update.rpf or the update/x64 folder would not work.

  • @ikt
    Literally everything has stopped working.. and it seems like that my game is "ignoring" my patches and pretty much starts with version 1.00? Like i can only spawn handful of cars. And i just remembered that before everything disappeared i uninstalled naturalvision through OIV but that shouldnt cause this problem right?

    And if you still didnt understand i had ZERO problems and then suddenly this happened..

  • Lol got my game working by removing one car mod..

  • @OzquOG which was that?

  • @OzquOG yeah i wanted to install an Mc Laren modell but then it could not get spawned ( Replace). Then i Replaced the File again with the original file and then i could only spawn 5 "Cars" ( 2 Bikes and 3 Cars in arpartmentvehicles)

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