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Multiple Mods causing crashes?

  • Hi All
    Just looking for top line advice here as I have GTA5 working fine in vanilla game and then I decided to add a few mods and my problems then started!
    I have nailed it to the mods as I have non steam version of game and have verified the original files and there all fine. I also contacted Rockstar who give me some advice which was of no use. I basically encounter this error "err_sys_invalidresource_5" which when I search online it mentions something about memory leak but if this was the case my vanilla game would also be screwed.

    So I am adding my mods back one by one as I have certain mods loaded within the patch update files (those are all working fine) and the others I am loading via "x64c.rpf x64f.rpf, x64g.rpf etc.." It seems as I add the mods once i get to a certain level the error code then appears within game? this can be early on or after 5 minutes of gameplay.

    I run a good spec PC and have all latest drivers installed for video card etc..I can provide spec if needed. Any help appreciated if possible as I am also curious on this memory leak issue?


    The Toon


    @toontotalwar said in Multiple Mods causing crashes?:


    Hoi Toon

    ERR_SYS_INVALIDRESOURCE_5 is mostly caused by car mods that were exported wrongly in zmod, the program to create them.
    So you'd have to identify which one is causing it. Import one mod, test it thoroughly and then move on to a next one.

    You say 'a few mods', it's hard to help when the issue isn't clearly described.

    Good luck

  • All my car mods are running fine thats what I find strange as I have no issues with the folder they are all installed in? all the folders i have inported using Open IV. all my cars are in patchday17ng and my texture mods for buildings and stuff are in the appropiate "x" files.

    The cars are all individual mods and not using any car packs for stability. does this help at all?

  • @toontotalwar Delete all cars, and install them one by one, because like @ReNNie said it will be difficult to determine what mod is causing troubles especially if you are using a lot of [unoptimized] cars..
    so i m wondering how someone can find what file make your game crashing.
    Stability can be screwed up with 1 single car, so it doesn't really matter to install 1 car or 1 pack , some car packs here (Ivpack etc) are really well made.

  • ok thank you will try that out and report back.

  • Slightly off topic, can anyone recommend a good Car Pack to replace most of the stock cars in game? I come across this mod but not sure if its stable?



    has been discussed to bits before, search is your friend

    //edit: long story short =
    replacing vanilla 200kb vehicles with LODs for high-poly 5Mb plus models without LODS
    is bound to give you problems with random crashes, FPS drops... Don't do it is the general advice

  • Thanks Rennie, I appreciate your advice

  • Any tips on how to find the corrupt file that is causing the crash in my mod? This is a laborious task ax the error does not always show up and I need to be in game sometimes upto 15 minutes before crash happens!

    I have open IV installed so can look the files up in there maybe?

  • Ok, So far it seems to have been a bad X64f.rpf file that was imported over from Open IV at some stage as I found that was causing crashes at certain points in game! Replaced with another and added mods back in all is good so far! :)

    Will continue testing though....damn PC games!!

  • Ok encountered another error now!


    What is this all about?

  • All seems to be working fine now and I am glad this was not a car related problem as that is what I have been reading throughout these forums. It is strange how this was a pack that included only road signage and some building mods that would cause this to crash!

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