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[SCRIPT] AI: Drivers will get out and either attack you if you wreck into their car, call the cops, or argue with you

  • When I hit a car, and the driver just drives away, it really takes away from the realism of the game, especially with realistic mods installed. I believe there should be some sort of script that the AI will either get out and say "My car! Or whatever like when you hit them, with body language to you" and/or argue with you, call the cops, or attack you.

  • @YouOnMyBlockNow i totally agree someone should make a mod which does that i have always loved getting into fights on GTA V by ramming some cars to aggro the AI Drivers so i can fight them lol and it would be Hilarious lol

  • In GTA IV they actually try to fight you if you crash into them. This one they don't. I have no clue what Rockstar Games was thinking when they developed GTA V, the game is horrible vanilla, but modded it's pretty great. I know GTA VI will be all unrealistic too.

  • If I could learn how to mod, I would develop a blended mod of realistic police behavior and spawning, etc., population, damaging cars, damaging people, carrying limit, and more.

  • I would fuck up the GTA Realism mod, I really would. RealityV is what I'd call it. SHOW WHO'S BOSS. You on my block now! PEW PEW!

  • This has got to be easy to do, any takers?

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