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Modding & Bans

  • Hey guys,

    Just joined the board today with a question. I got GTA V a few weeks ago and started playing it a lot - got a fair few hours into it now and completed the game a few days ago. So I figured... why not go and check out the modding scene, right?

    But then I recalled the entire thing about people being banned for using mods in the SP, things like that. Obviously I'd like to avoid that if possible.

    So can you guys tell me what the chances are of being banned if using mods in SP?
    And a follow-up question: is there a chance of accidentally getting into the MP while playing story mode and how to avoid such a mistake, because I assume you will trigger a ban if you switch to MP mode while having mods enabled.

    Hopefully I put this in the right spot, if not my apologies! Love to hear some responses.


  • @Retrogue Use the mods folder if you want to play online.
    You won't get banned for using mods offline. But when you connect to internet, your original files will be downloaded unless you use the mods folder.

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