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Pirates Of The Caribbean Character Tia Dalma

  • I was wondering if anyone would make this Character Tia Dalma a add on/replace ped if its possible since everyone is so into super heros and anime why not her hell seeing the same ped get reskinned into a black girl isn't cutting it for me cause you can't make a Chinese/Japanese character into a black girl it just doesn't look or feel right but anyway I wouldn't mind seeing Tia Dalma be made and put into the game.





  • anyone? hello?

  • I guess no one then smdh its always the damn anime and white girls and super heros always getting the attention and love while the women of color gets a huge back seat to this game and site and a huge F U its a damn shame that todays society treats people of color like second class citizens especially this game the makers of gta 5 need to be either replaced or shot dead cause they do the most fucked up job with making peds especially the female peds making them look so fucking ugly it aint funny its a damn shame they make so much money but yet can't hire anyone that can do a better job at making peds its fucked up they do awesome jobs with peds in other games but do jack shit for the gta 5 or the gta series.


    @TR71777 I honestly believe that if you had devoted all the time and effort you that you have put into your community ranting about the under representation of black women in this game to the study of how to actually create a ped mod for the game you could have already mastered the skills necessary to bring as many of these types of characters to the game world as you wish...

    Nobody likes a complainer... Whining is like sitting in a rocking chair it gives you something to do but you don't go anywhere...

    I suggest you start studying so that you can learn how to do this on your own, or put some cash up and pay a talented mod maker to make you whatever peds you want.

  • @DarthPungz how many times have I told everyone I'm not a computer wiz nor that good with things like you are telling me I'm not that great at thing like that the only things I'm probably good at is making my own jester skins and that's it other than that the other stuff even if I do try ill just end up fucking it up and I don't have the patience to even try not to mention I get frustrated and pissed off too easily I wish people would stop telling me to make my own when its not possible for me to do and you saying that I'm whining and complaining is way off I'm just speaking facts I'm sorry you think other wise but its straight facts not whining or complaining I feel that if gta 4 mod site and gta san andreas was able to bring in at least a few black females then whats the problem bringing them to this site?

  • well but... he does have a point. For how long did you ask for these kind of peds now? For quite some time. And I understand that nobody is a computer wiz from the get-go, I also started making simple plane textures for GTA San Andreas with MS Paint.
    Yet I picked up modding myself when I realized that nobody would do the planes I am looking for an here I am now, with a total of over 300+ mods for various games.

    Ped modders in itself seem scarce, much less on these forums. (Are there any on these forums at all?). You only see vehicles and scripts accepted left and right because that's what the majority does. And even then, almost noone does it for free anymore. So while I understand your point of view, you must also realize that there's apparently no suitable person for the work you want to have done. And if you spend a bit time on the topic, you'll be able to do peds yourself. The first ones will be bad, that's just how it is. But it's part of the learning curve.

    So for now, I only see 3 possible outcomes:

    1. you pick this up and try for yourself
    2. the peds will never get made
    3. find someone who will do this for a (probably) not so tiny amount of money


    @TR71777 You might already know about this
    https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/mai-bikini-version-black-skin are try to hit up @Rarefacer dude has skills

  • @Biggdogg I have seen this reskin but its only a reskin of a Asian anime I'm not being doubtful or anything on this mans work but he doesn't keep the cloths in tact to the model and the original maker of the model has stopped making more ped mods cause of the gentleman in question keeps reskinning his mods without permission if I'm not mistaken but if I am mistaken then it is what it is I just wanted a genuine black girl peds that would do great in gta 5 that's all

  • @SkylineGTRFreak I get what your saying but ever since ive been out of the army my patience is rather thin theses days and I get frustrated too easily and I did how ever posted a month ago I think that I asked how much will I be charged to have a few black female peds made from scratch or just made and I even said that I would pay but not one person answered the thread which makes me believe that either no one will do any black female peds or the ped section of this site is officially dead meaning no more peds coming in? I'm not as young as I was but I'm also not that great with computers but I do what I can to keep my current gaming pc running

  • @SkylineGTRFreak Ped modders seem scarce because is not easy to rig the entire skeleton to the body and make the face animations. It takes many weeks or months to archive good results.

    I prefer to work with what is already in the game that rigging the whole skeleton to the body because I don't have much time. But your are right, there'e only three ways if we want something we like in the game:

    1.Learn to do it.

    1. Pay for what we want.
    2. or wait for someone interested in the idea.

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