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[SUGGESTION] add some new tags to the vehicles section

  • Hey Guys,

    Since I ve noticed many post are about problems regarding some unoptimized models
    I was wondering if it can be a good idea to add some tags to distinct vehicles optimization
    starting with LODs , some tags like "L0-4" "L0-L3" etc ;

    Hope it can encourage some authors to be more meticulous in their work in the future, we have a such variety of different things , and we can't use them all.

    It will be easier to people who are be careful use mods with full LODs , because downloading model, looking in openIV if it's not high poly, Looking if have LODs and if they are well made.. It could save time ^^
    I know it take a lot of time and effort to convert models or create them, but my point is the game was made this way , so unless someone can change that..


    But if (when) tags were properly checked in boxes, do we also use them in the mod title too then?

    TAGS like

    • [Add-On/Replace]
    • [LODS]
    • [Tuning]
    • [Liveries] (instead of Template)
    • [Dirtmap]
    • [ELS] and then what's non-ELS gotta be?
    • [UNLOCKED]

    Would the solution be in invest time to actively correct tags (or enforce/stimulate it) when they are omitted by the author, eg

    And /or create more transparancy for authors on the criteria of getting mods featured thus stimulating increased quality in the mod itself and/or the accompaniying description?
    Like https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/heap-limit-adjuster-600-mb-of-heap why is this not featured?
    Yet this is https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/aston-martin-vantage-2019-add-on-replace ?

  • @ReNNie I was more talking about tags that are under the vehicle section, this way we just have to click on the main section it would avoid to have all the features in [ ..] on the mod title. But yeah it would take time to sort every models where authors don't provide the affiliated tag or are inactive.
    Maybe with help of users using /report command to indicate a moderator that this model should be in "LX-X" section the database will get upgraded faster.

    And yes heap limit is a must-have I bookmarked it when it was out , I guess not enough people did the same, maybe an "essential" mod section is needed to bring up the more needed mods.

  • Add-On/Replace as a tag, yes, tells you you can replace a vehicle or use is as a secondary
    LODs, not needed as this can be put the the description.
    Tuning, possibly again, could go in the description rather than as a tag
    Liveries, yes if the author has already made some and Template, yes as well if they have not made liveries but has 'dirt mapped' it or whatever so it is ready to have liveries made
    Dirtmap (see liveries) would go better with template
    ELS, I believe the only ELS vehicles are ones like the emergency vehicles.... there would be no need to have ELS on a regular car

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