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Every add-on mod from my dlclist stopped working

  • After my pc got connected online, the add on mods don't work anymore. The game crashes when starting story mode. Is this due to some update?

  • Try a new gameconfig? I can't get my car pack working at the moment.

  • Tried lots of game configuration and the game still doesn't load my add ons

  • how many dlc folders do you have?im positive there's a limit of like 47


    @Reacon Please don't spread this nonsense. The limit is 256, not 47.
    The most common reason for this crash is a bad gameconfig.
    Installing the "heap limit adjuster" might help if no gameconfig helps.

  • i only said 47 cause my game crashes when there's 47 folders in dlcpacks @Unknown-Modder

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