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How to Make GTA using more then 5.7 GB RAM

  • Hi everyone
    I replace my all gta Vehicles with High quality car mods. in game the Textures of buildings and roads and ... couldn't load on time and i see sky around me and after i wait the load slowly.
    I have 16GB RAM but i see in Windows task manger when this happens Windows is use just 5.7Gb of RAM
    1.7GB Is for windows & 4GB is for GTA But i have 10GB free surplus area in RAM
    How can i Force GTA To use more RAM to solving load problem ?

    My PC have
    GPU : 12GB GB force NVIDIA 1080
    RAM : 16GB Dual channel Gskill
    CPU : Core I7
    But i have load problem.
    Why GTA Can't use my system performance ?


    It's a conspiracy!

  • GTAV is not that RAM as VRAM hungry. System's memory is mostly used for scripts, allocators, physics and general running of a game as you see it. A program itself cannot utilize more resources if it is capped by its own code. Bare in mind that this game was made to run on PS3 and Xbox360, so making game use more than it's needed (not including the VRAM) would require fiddling with hardcoded limitations.

    From my experience, biggest boost I got was from upgrading a CPU to an 8-core, overclocking it and keeping it cool. And ofc, having 8GB of VRAM on my 1070. See what works best for you from those options.

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