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Installed Natural Vision 2.2 but still cartoony

  • I've installed GTA 5 only to have fun with the mods. I've successfully managed to install Natural Vision 2.2 and everything seemed to be running pretty good on low settings on a Zotac GT 730 4 GB Edition graphics card. The graphics looked kinda funny, but I assumed it was probably because the card is pretty old. A few days ago, I borrowed my buddy's Zotac GTX 1060 6GB card and guess what? The graphics are still the same for some reason... Even on high settings (MSAA turned off)! :confused:

    Notice the top part looks pretty realistic and there are no hotspots. The bottom part (mine), however, looks pretty cartoony to me, and has a lot of hotspots and also, parts of the sky turn completely white sometimes.
    alt text

    I'm sorry if I've missed anything, please shed some light on this.

    Processor: i5 6400
    RAM: 8 GB
    Video Card: GT 730 4GB / GTX 1060 6GB
    GTA 5 v1.33
    Mods: Natural Vision 2.2, ENB Series, Sweet FX (turned off)

  • @mmbepari Check background processes and close unnecessary tasks. I use GTX 1060 6GB with ~55 FPS in Los Santos and ~70 FPS out of city, every in max settings and 1080p resolution using Natural Vision and Clear n clean personal mix, no ENB and Sweet FX.

    Take care about external graphics mods like ENB Series or Sweet FX, they requires extra CPU and GPU system resources and can cost around 5 to 20 FPS accord to population in area and settings level.

    Script mods consumes extra system resources, specially NPC war tasks, and really no matter the mod type, always costs a bit in performance each one.

    GTA V is mainly a CPU game and can take over 6 GB in RAM with mods and ~3 GB in VRAM, so always is recommended a good multithread processor to not affect the GPU with bottlenecks and the best RAM value possible to avoid loading from disc too much. A SSD can helps a lot, improve the performance like a 20% when GTAV is installed in one.

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