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Michaels Declasse premier remover/replacer/replace?

  • Heya..

    I mean i love the idea that Rockstar had with this. Give Michael a car he can kick, explode, demolish, punish and whatever... Thats the meaning of it, right?

    Anyway to be serious. I hate that car, i do not know where it came from. In no point of game, Michael bought it. It was not stolen or delivered. It just magically "POOFED" to the yard and i dont like these things :)

    So, my question is, is there some mod/way to remove, replace it completely with another car? Some file and path in update.rpf to maybe edit to get it changed or a mod allready made?

    I have been using that "Personal vehicle replacer" which has also a trunk storage for weapons, but it does not work on Michael at all. Even if i clear the current vehicle and save a new one and park it on the default cars place on Michaels home, the zombified Declasse rises from the ground and knocks my Benefactor around >.>


  • Thats the one ive been currently using. Problem is, it makes nothing for Michaels premier and he ends up havinf 2 personal vehicles. Outside of missions, they6 are often parked on top of each pother or in missions, the saved vehicle is poofed out and only option is to use the premier.

    For Franklin, the car works fine, exept in some missions he still magicaly changes to his Bravado :dagger:
    For Trevor, it works the same as Franklin.

    Franklins and Trevors cars work well enough and the trunk storage is awesome. I can finally hide all other weapons exept the pistol which makes sense to be carried and hidden somewhere on clothing :)

    For Mchael, sadly it does not work well for Tailgater or Premier. Michael always ends up having is original car in missions, and often the premier/tailgater is spawned right beneath the saved vehiclle, which makes t

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