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Add-Ons error file pack 1 (need help fast)

  • got my game crashed when I install add on, so I installed the gameconfig for limitless addon and it worked. so I install 14 add-ons 13 vehicle and 1 ped. and then I want to install 1 vehicle and it crashed giving me error file pack 1.

    and add-on not working when I install VisualV and NaturalVisionRemastered

    any solution?
    sorry for bad English

    I need it for my friend he want me to make cinematic with mods


    First of all you are using a shitty gameconfig. Those "limitless" gameconfigs are horrible. Stay away from them.
    Now to the error you get: Try to combine your vehicle DLCs into a single DLC. Your game simply tries to load too many archives.

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