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Multiple livery

  • So say i download a car that only has 1 skin. Is there a way i can make it have multiple skins i can choose from instead of just that one it came with?

  • The short answer....no.

  • @Tiisha im pretty sure you can although don't quote me on that, just import it as name_sign_number

  • Don't quote me either but Reacon is right.... you can edit/replace the texture in the .ytd, but you cant add multiples unless its built into the file. So...If the vehicle has 4 liverys when you downloaded it, you can edit/replace 4 liverys. But they have to be in the same format and named the same as well. In conclusion....No... you cant have "multiple" skins if the car came with one. I think. lol Unless you quit the game and manually switch it out. Im probably wrong though....

  • @locotomb yeah, say if you tried to add another livery to the miljet or something it wouldn't work as it was modelled by R* to only have 1

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