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[SCRIPT] Make Specific Body Parts Invisible (will pay$)

  • Can someone link me to a modder capable of making this mod. If it is even possible to make.

    Using Menyoo, and even Skin Control - you can change the Freemode Male and Freemode Female opacity, and visibility on or off. Even more specifically, you can even change the feet, legs, torso and arms to an empty? layer/texture/clothing so they look partially invisible. But if I'm not incorrect, there's no way to make the head invisible.
    Is there a mod, or modder capable of making this happen?
    Or something that I'm not thinking of.

    Also, possibly a simple mod that allows you to turn specific NPC's body parts visibility on or off.
    Most of them don't have the same empty layer option as the FM_Males and Females.

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