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[Vehicle]Make/convert 1999 Nissan Maxima

  • Hey, I am working on some liveries for the Fast and Furious movie series cars (currently focusing on the 1st part). It'd be cool if there was someone willing to make or convert Vince's Nissan.
    At first I even thought about putting a livery on a similar car (yup, that desperate) as there's no 1999 maxima for V yet. But then, there's no point in sacrificing evening cupcakes eatin' sessions and spending hours on making a HQ livery, plus use it on the wrong car(?). Just not the same feeling.

    Here are some screenies of the beast:
    1999 Nissan Maxima FnF

    Btw, make sure you check my liveries!
    FnF Heaven

    All the FnF lovers,hear me! Give me a car and I will "liver" a hell out of it! I mean , I'll gladly make a livery of a high quality for an FnF car.

  • @eduardocampos992 I hope to god it's going to have a stock version (when it came out of the factory)

  • @krashadam , that's what I pretty much need too.

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